TYPEAU.40 Planck Edition Update


Hey everyone, I want to chime in with an update about the TYPEAU.40 Planck edition. First of all, I was super blown away by the all positive response on the interest check last month and want to thank all of you who participated.

This week I received a black anodized aluminum prototype which was done by a Chinese company I contracted. Overall, I’m very happy with the result, the anodizing looks clean and wasn’t able to spot any off spots. However, the USB C cutout was flawed and did not fit the PCB properly, So the impatient guy I am, had to make some modifications of my own to make it work. The manufacturer apologized and send a new one over which I’m expecting somewhere the coming week.

Prototype Prototype Prototype Prototype Prototype

What’s next?

I’m in contact with two more manufacturers to produce prototypes. Another Chinese company and a local Dutch one. Once I’ve received the prototypes from those companies I’ll compare them and make a decision which manufacturer to go with.

This decision will be based on quality, lead time, and price. Once this decision is made I will announce the prices and date for the group buy 🙂

Also, I’m currently experimenting with the colors for the case. These are the color samples that I consider for the final product:

Yes, white is still going to be an option but I have no color sample for that currently.

Thanks everyone and join my Discord for more information, help, feedback and questions!

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