TYPEAU.40 Planck Edition Groupbuy

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A Chunky, angled, high quality, aluminum case made for the Planck.

Not long after I got used to a Preonic, I bought a Planck because of the "compactness". However, I missed a typing angle and the chunky, hefty feel. Something very common with other form factor keyboards.

That's how the TYPEAU.40 idea was born. Soon after, my nights were filled with fiddling in Fusion to get some ideas on the table. A 3D prototype was ordered and after some revisions, I now have a production-ready design 😃

The TYPEAU.40 is compatible with both OLKB and DROP Planck PCBs (Rev 6+) and Plates. However, optional sandblasted Stainless Steel and Brass plates are available as well.

To support both variants, every case order comes with two sets of hex screws.

Available Colors

After machining the 6060 aluminum, the cases are bead blasted and anodized in the following colors to match the rest of your keyboard:


Space Gray



Deep Navy

Keep in mind that these colors may slightly differ in person.


In Black, Space Gray, Navy,
White, or Red


Sandblasted Stainless Steel or Brass.
By LaserBoost


The colors displayed in the renders may differ from what it looks like in person.

6° Typing Angle

Coming from a flat Planck case, a slight typing angle is a welcome addition. Together with a wrist wrest, the perfect typing experience I've had so far. I've experimented with different angles but 6° is definitely my favorite.

214% Heavier than the Hi Pro case

Precision CNC machined from 6060 aluminum alloy. The case weighs in at 540 grams and has a front lip height of 19.3mm. A snug USB C cutout with a gap of .25mm around the USB connector.

Compatible with OLKB/DROP Planck PCB and Plate

One major difference between the two versions is that the DROP Planck follows the Metric standard whereas the OLKB uses the Imperial. The case will come with two sets of hex screws to support both PCBs (Rev 6+).

Optional Brass or Stainless Steel plate

Beautiful, high-quality, stainless steel or brass plates with a sandblasted finish. However, it is optional as the existing OLKB and DROP plates are fully compatible as well!

Supports the 1x2U, 2x2U, and Grid layouts.