TYPEAU.40 Planck Edition Groupbuy Announcement

Starting Sept 1st until Oct 1st

Hey everyone!

on May 13, I launched an interest check for my first project: TYPEAU.40 Planck Edition.

TYPEAU.40 Planck Edition Navy

First of all, I want to thank everyone who paid interest in this project. I did not expect the amount of attention this project and all of the super positive responses.

However, after the time of prototyping, a time comes where a groupbuy is launched 😃 And, with that, I'd like to tell you, we're go for launch at the 1st of September until the 1st of October

From then on, you can preorder the TYPEAU.40 Planck Edition, a high quality, chunky, angled, high profile aluminum case for the OLKB Planck.

Preorders will be placed trough my website typeau.com and manufacturing will start on halfway trough October and is expected to take 4 to 8 weeks.

The case is compatible with both DROP and OLKB PCBs, mid/hi plates and screws. An optional brass or stainless steel plate is available for order during the checkout and will be manufactured by Laserboost.

Designated Product Page linked below the post.


  • 6-degree typing angle
  • High profile
  • Aluminum 6060
  • 5mm thick walls
  • Comes in at around 540 grams
  • Tray mounted
  • Precise USB cutout
  • Optional plate supporting 1x1u, 2x2u and grid layout (Brass or Stainless Steel, both sandblasted) by Lasterboost


  • Black
  • Space Gray
  • Navy (Dark Blue)
  • E-White
  • Red


  • Case €120,-
  • Optional Plate €25,-


  • EU: €18
  • World: €28 Based on 2 Cases incl. Plates. If a large quantity order is placed, I could send an extra charge based on quantity.

NOTE: I can't say this enough but there is still some confusion: This groupbuy does NOT include a Planck PCB. PCB are currently available on DROP and in the future on OLKB.

The Preorder button appears at 00:00 September 1st on my website: typeau.com

For more information, questions or you just want to chat, join my Discord!




Thanks everyone who made this possible, especially:

  • /u/Stewiedk97
  • /u/pjvds
  • /u/paulrobshannon

TYPEAU.40 Planck Edition

My first project, the TYPEAU.40 Planck Edition, a chunky, angled, high quality Planck case.

Groupbuy from 1st of September until 1st of October