TYPEAU.40 Planck Edition

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Hello everyone,

TL;DR below :)

In December a colleague pushed me down the keyboard rabbit hole. I did my first keyboard-related purchase that month and many more followed.

After I bought in on the Olivia++ group buy, I was a keyboard. After exploring the market and the possibilities, I settled on a Tofu 65 Grey kit to pair with the Olivias. Meanwhile, another colleague kept raving about ortholinear keyboards, which I first thought where ridiculous :D. After he received his Planck and brought it into work, I had to try this alien keyboard. I already found the switch from a full-sized keyboard to a 65% quite a big deal. He offered me to borrow his Preonic to test out my switches. Which led to me buying a Planck not long after.

A month later, I was absolutely in love with this thing. The simplicity, the feel, the size. Everything! I took this keyboard everywhere I went as it was simply amazing and easy to carry. However, I felt it missed a type angle. This was fuel for my design choices and soon Fusion 360 consumed the better parts of nights.

Two months later, I met Stef (aka Stewiedk97). Stef is the guy behind the Kotai case for both Planck and Preonic. He offered to help by reviewing my design and provide feedback. After some design changes, I ordered my first 3D printed prototype for a rough test fit. This was a little bit of a fail as I slightly messed up my USB cutout. I adjusted my design and ordered an SLS printed prototype, which helped me type this post.

TL;DR: Meet TYPEAU.40 Planck Edition. a chunky, angled, high profile aluminum case for the famous OLKB Planck.


  • 6-degree typing angle
  • High profile
  • Aluminum 6060
  • 5mm thick walls
  • Hole in the bottom for the reset button
  • Compatible with OLKB Planck PCB, plate, screws, and standoffs
  • Tray mounted

Color options:

  • Black (of course)
  • White
  • Dark blue
  • Dark Gray

Other colors can be suggested in the IC form.

I’m currently still in the prototype phase and going through some small design revisions based on the outcome of my prototypes and feedback. Also, the branding position and font are not final.


I can't tell you anything about Pricing just yet as I'm discussing the production of my case with multiple manufacturers. As soon as I have more info, I will provide an update.


Shipping is a total shitshow right now as DHL is asking almost 50 euro's per package. I hope by the time I can start sending, shipping prices are back to normal. So in case of normal shipping prices:

  • €15 EU
  • €25 Worldwide

GB: When the GB is live, orders can be placed on my website: Typeau.com

Please let me know your thoughts by answering the questions in the IC Form below.

I want to thank Stef for helping me on my design and my colleague who introduced me to the world of OLKBs.

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NOTE: This does not come with a plate as it’s compatible with the Planck mid/hi plates. However, in the IC form I ask whether you would be interested in purchasing one with the case. 1x2u, 2x2u and grid layout